September update

Following on from our June update, the pace of progress with the Neighbourhood Plan has increased considerably.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? – A reminder:
In general, a Neighbourhood Plan is a way of helping local communities influence the planning of the area in which they live and work; it has to work with the Local Plan, not fight against it.

In Knebworth, our Neighbourhood Plan is a rare opportunity to influence the development of the village to make it a sustainable and a pleasant place to live, despite the housing developments proposed in the NHDC Local Plan, and define certain policies to influence design standards.

With the support of the Parish Council, we have managed to secure the help of a Neighbourhood Planning professional, whose knowledge and input has been invaluable. We also applied for and received grant funding for technical assistance from Aecom with ‘Design Codes’ and ‘Master Planning’. They have been on one of several visits they will make to Knebworth to help define types of housing to match Knebworth’s needs and determine appropriate infrastructure to accommodate the consequences of increased housing.

We are in the process of undertaking a series of surveys – your participation in any of these will be very helpful. The Housing Needs Survey continues as we really need more responses. You can now fill this in easily online at  if you haven’t already completed a paper version.

Some committee members are talking to local businesses to get their views, there is currently a Sports & Leisure survey taking place and there will be a Youth Survey soon, so that everyone has their chance to makes their views known. We would particularly welcome encouragement for the younger people to have their say. We will be asking children at Knebworth School, those attending the Knebworth Youth Project, plus Scouts and Guides. If anyone has any ideas on how to target the senior school children to take part, we’d be very pleased to hear from you.

With all this going on, we’re appealing for more residents to help us.  If you would like to help develop the Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan, we would very much like to hear from you.  Contact:

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