May Update

We have now had the opportunity to review the comments that you gave us at the Open Day in March. On the whole, the feedback was quite positive with between 67.35% – 89.36% in favour of the policies, the rest having reservations about aspects of some of the policies, or no view on them.

As anyone who lives in Knebworth would expect, there was very strong support for avoiding coalescence with Stevenage; Knebworth’s distinctive village identity is important to residents. Traffic, Transport and Parking (TT&P) produced the most comments and continued concerns. As a result of some very helpful observations from a local expert, the TT&P working group has scoped an application for funding for Technical Assistance on Transport. NHDC never seem to understand the problems and concerns that everyone has on these issues, despite many residents responding to their consultations in the past.

We are currently updating some of the policies in light of the feedback we have received. We then have to gather and collate all of the supporting reference documents, evidence, charts, photos and tables to prepare the consultation documents that need to be produced for NHDC. Also, we intend
to produce an Action Plan to keep us focused on what everyone requires to be achieved during the course of the process.

Watch this space!

Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

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  1. Mr Malcolm Ward

    I am sorry to say , but you are going to create a monster, which will cause total havoc in this small village which was put together when cars were non existant.
    The people who make these decisions have no idea what is happening here in knebworth. Forget the the development and think hard about bridges and a tiny High street that buses and cars and cannot get throu let alone wing mirrors that get ripped off. Every street is a rat run now and a motorway that is to small in lanes to cope.

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