July Update

The current position

We have been working on mitigating the impact of the huge developments allocated by the North Herts District Council Local Plan for nearly three years now. Your contributions have helped and the revised policies were presented to the Parish Council at their meeting on 12 th June by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Steering Committee. Various queries were raised and explained, with the result that the proposed acceptance of the revised KNP policies document was carried without objections.

We are now in the process of writing the actual Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan (KNP) document. This will demonstrate the work that we have undertaken to get to this stage and show that we have met the legal requirements for producing a Neighbourhood Plan. Heavy stuff!

We will include some background history of the development of Knebworth, collate all the research information around the concerns highlighted by consultation with residents and stakeholders and include some photos. Looking through some of these photos, to determine which to include, has reminded us of Knebworth’s intrinsic character and what we are trying to preserve.

Our next deadline is the July meeting of the Parish Council when we hope to present the KNP document to be used for the Pre-submission Consultation.

Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

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