August Update

Continuing to evaluate the comments

We are carrying on with the work of examining the comments submitted following the Regulation 14 Consultation. Our aim is to take relevant suggestions and find ways to improve the wording of policies and therefore enhance consequent outcomes relating to the Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan. Residents will have to live with the developments proposed for around Knebworth by the NHDC Local Plan, if implemented, but our intention is to diminish any disadvantages to reach a successful conclusion for the whole parish.

As mentioned last month, there were over 400 comments that need to be looked at, these could be broken down into:

  • Excellent suggestions that we will be able to incorporate,
  • Excellent suggestions that are outside of any Neighbourhood Plan scope,
  • Good ideas that will help us rewording some policies to strengthen them,
  • Some embarrassing ‘typos’ that we failed to spot despite proof reading it several times,
  • Some interpretations of the document that we need to clarify,
  • Some unusual and new ideas that we will consider for an Action Plan.

Once this is done, we need to update our Basic Conditions Statement and our Consultation Statement, which will show who we consulted and how. In addition, there will be a summary of the main issues and concerns raised through the consultation process and how they were addressed. After that, it’s back to the Parish Council for approval.

Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

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